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Micro RailHammer Humcutter Billy Corgan Neck Black Agrandir

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Micro RailHammer Humcutter Billy Corgan Neck Black


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Developed in collaboration with Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins, and featured in the Reverend Billy Corgan Signature guitar. This unique design combines the clarity and articulation of a P90, with the thick tone and low noise of a humbucker. The unique EQ features a mild midrange bump, imparting a slight "cocked wah pedal" effect (aka "the Sabbath note" per Billy), which gives the tone extra punch and weight even with the heaviest distortion or fuzz. Plus the dual coil Humcutter design means it's hum free! A very versatile pickup that sounds great clean or distorted, and allows the player's personality to shine through. And like all Railhammers, the extra clarity on the wound strings means they also work great with low tuned guitars.

Gamme :  Humcutter
Aimant :  Ceramic
K Ohms :  7.5
Position :  Neck
Type :  Billy Corgan
Couleur :  Black